Why the Hexadrum is the instrument of the future

Why the Hexadrum is the instrument of the future

inSep 02, 2019

Nowadays, products need to adapt to us, not the other way around. We need portability. We need convenience. We need quality. But traditional musical instruments are not meeting these demands and are quickly falling behind the times. At MuseWaves we want to change this. So, we use technology and innovation in order to bring musical instruments into the 21st century and beyond.
Drummers everywhere are calling for a change in order to be able to share their passion anywhere and anytime. They need instruments to suit their lifestyle and that are no longer an inconvenience. This is why we created the Hexadrum.


One of the major issues that drummers face is transporting their kit to and from concerts and performances. Due to the large size and weight of the drums it is essential to plan ahead and to be organised. Time is precious and in order to increase efficiency, we have designed a kit that can be easily carried and stored away. The Hexadrum measures just 20 x 14 x 14 inches (50.8 x 35.6 x 35.6 cm) and only weighs 35 pounds (15.9 kg).
Our innovative three-in-one modular design provides a smart and compact kit. The bass drum/cajon is cleverly used to efficiently store away the snare drum, toms and hi hat. Say goodbye to cumbersome drum kits and welcome a new sleek, streamlined kit of the future.


Not only does the Hexadrum offer a unique ergonomic design, but its design is also matched with a high quality sound and materials. The name of the Hexadrum comes from the 6 different sounds that the radiation surfaces produce, made using advanced composite materials.
Multiple set-up options are also within your reach that adapt to your playing style and enhance your sound. You can start off with the basic drum set and then expand it by adding on the bongos, snare and toms for a more complete sound.


MuseWaves utilises modern technology to create the instruments of the future. We know that traditional materials and designs used for drums have their flaws, faults and limitations. In order to overcome these, we have researched and developed new materials, designs and manufacturing processes.
The result is carbon fibre polymer and highly resistant natural wood with excellent acoustic properties. These form our innovative modular drumkit, designed to get the most out of these materials to perform at their best. All this so that drummers can reach their full potential, beyond the limitations of traditional drums.

The Hexadrum is an exceptional piece of design that provides quality acoustics. It is created to make the drummer’s life easier, with a portable, high quality and ergonomic percussion set. Using technology to completely renew the traditional drumkit of the past into the instrument of the future. Want to know more about the Hexadrum? View its full technical specifications here.