Guitar or Drums? Discover your instrument

Guitar or Drums? Discover your instrument

inSep 02, 2019


You want to learn an instrument and you have narrowed it down to either the guitar or the drums. But you are struggling to make your mind up between these two great instruments. So, how do you choose? Here we outline the most important factors to help you decide which instrument is right for you, and to get you playing as soon as possible.


For beginners, cost is often an important factor. Initially, you can find guitar starter kits for around €250. A drum kit however can be more expensive at around €400. But, in the long term these costs end up balancing out. Most guitarists end up replacing their first guitar for an upgrade as they learn more about the instrument and seek out one that is more suited to their style.


Another factor to bear in mind is how loud the instrument is. Spare a thought for your neighbours and think about where you are going to be practising. Obviously, the drums are loud, so you will need to have a space where you can rehearse without bothering your neighbours. The guitar, on the other hand, is quieter. If it is an electric guitar you also have the option to plug in some headphones to the amp.


Carting around a guitar and amp can be annoying but that’s nothing compared to a whole drum kit. When deciding whether you want to play the guitar or the drums, think about how portable the instrument is. Often drums can be difficult and time consuming to set up and transport, whereas guitars can be easily carried and are ready to go within seconds.
However, this is now less of an issue with the Hexadrum. Musewaves has recognised this problem and designed a portable drum kit that cleverly fits into the cajon drum, weighing just 35 pounds (15.9 kg), so that the drums can finally be just as portable as the guitar.

Which is easier to play?

This is a tricky question to answer. It depends a lot on you and your personal preferences and skills. The drums require rhythm, coordination and a strong sense of timing, acting as a human metronome. Whereas the guitar requires a different skill set. It is more about harmony and melody, which involves more theory. You won’t need to learn any scales on the drums!

Ultimately, in order to decide if you want to learn to play the guitar or the drums, you need to decide which suits you best and which excites you the most. Why not try having a lesson for both instruments to help compare the two. In order to master an instrument, you need the drive and motivation, so make sure you truly enjoy playing it. Which will you choose: our innovative Hexadrum drum kit or our guitar of the future MuseGuitars?