Hexadrum, bring your groove everywhere

Hexadrum, bring your groove everywhere

inJul 09, 2019

Join the next generation of drummers


For many drummers today, we understand that you are tired of having to carefully plan and organise well in advance of a concert or performance. We know that you are tired of having to think about how you are going to transport your kit, as the whole design is cumbersome and not exactly portable. This is why we have specially designed the Hexadrum with drummers and all your needs in mind.

The Hexadrum provides an innovative solution, not only offering a smart compact design but also a high quality musical instrument. High-tech acoustics are brought together with an exclusive, ergonomic and modular design that provides exceptional sound and, most importantly, that is easy to assemble, carry and use.

The unique sound of the Hexadrum is the result of its radiation surfaces made with our advanced carbon fibre composite material. The name Hexadrum comes from this unique material, carbon fibre polymer, as 6 different sounds can be produced from it. 

The Hexadrum’s design is sleek with a three-in-one modular system. You decide how to use it: as a drum kit, cajón or bongos. The modular system also means that it is very easy to carry and store away. We make the most of the entire space of the cajón so it occupies the least space possible. Its clever design means you can easily transport your drum kit without the usual time-consuming planning and preparation.

When packed away in its specially designed transport bag it takes up so little space that you can easily move it around the city or on long journeys. Also, keeping it at home will no longer be a problem, since it only measures 20 x 14 x 14 inches (50.8 x 35.6 x 35.6 cm) folded up. Not only is it compact, but it is also surprisingly lightweight, weighing less than 35 pounds (15.9 kg).

Despite it being small, it still manages to pack a punch in terms of its acoustic quality and performance. Its high-quality finishes and materials, such as carbon fibre composite material, result in an exceptional instrument that will be the envy of any percussionist.

The Hexadrum also offers impressive flexibility with many different options when playing to adapt to your own unique sound. The kit can be stripped back to basics or expanded to include snare, toms, hi hat cymbals and a pedal. The possibilities are endless. 

We want the Hexadrum to be your companion. We want you to be able to enjoy your music anywhere and anytime. It has a clean and unique sound that harmonizes perfectly with any other instrument. Join the new generation of percussionists and enjoy music in an exciting and innovative way. Be part of the next generation of drummers. Learn more about the Hexadrum by viewing our video (enlace a video oficial Hexadrum).