MuseWaves, creating the musical instruments of the future.

MuseWaves, creating the musical instruments of the future.

inJul 08, 2019

Changing how music is played.

MuseWaves evolved from the idea to make life easier for musicians through designing and creating the musical instruments of the future. To do this, we use advanced technology and composite materials such as carbon fibre to produce innovative musical instruments that do not sacrifice high-quality acoustics or playability.

Despite our company only forming in 2017, the history of the project actually began over 10 years ago. I myself initially started out in the electronics and telecommunications sector where I developed several successful business projects. These were generally in the field of professional audio-visual installations, but it was not until I was 37 years old when my passion for guitars resulted in me training as a luthier or guitar builder in the workshops of renowned luthiers Jean Pierre Sardin and Tomoyuki Furuta in Barcelona.

Following this training, I went on to work in my own workshop which manufactured, sold and repaired classical, flamenco and concert acoustic guitars under the DVGuitars brand. These years were invaluable experience in designing and manufacturing guitars, basses and repairing any instrument that fell into my hands. This is where I began to see and suffer the limitations and problems of wood as a material for constructing high quality instruments. My experience and my obsession with perfection led me to investigate other more modern materials that provide not only solutions to the classic problems of wood homogeneity and stability, but also give far superior acoustic qualities. 

These issues, therefore, inspired me to go on to co-find the technology SME, Musical Instruments Innovation Lab (MIIL), in March 2017. From my years of experience and research into the potential of alternative materials, the MuseWaves project was then set up to design and create advanced instruments intended to help make performing easier for musicians. Rather than solely using wood to create our instruments, we have developed the additional use of composite materials to enhance and improve the limitations of this traditional material.

Today, I am proud to use my experience both from my previous business projects and my own guitar workshop to create a whole new, exciting venture that continues to grow and evolve with enormous potential. In September 2017, MIIL was selected by the European Space Agency as part of its incubation programme for the transfer of space technology to civil industry and were awarded a research and development grant. We are currently incubated in the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency and Barcelona Activa in Barcelona. I greatly look forward to what the future holds for both MuseWaves and the development of musical instruments. We aim to continue to be at the forefront, combining technology and high-quality sound to ensure the musical instruments of the future are available to play today.